Michaela Anderle & Sebastian Ring, Gamepaddle

Video Games. Education. Empowerment.

In the educational discourse video games are often regarded as a vital risk for young people. Especially excessive gaming of adolescents troubles teachers, educators and parents. The lack of knowledge about digital gaming worlds, as well as the lack of own gaming experience can lead to misjudgement and ignorance of resources acquired by young gamers. This is the starting point of the Gamepaddle project: identifying young people’s game-related resources and helping them to benefit from them in other primarily non-game-related contexts such as school, intergenerational dialogue, creative activity or civic commitment.

About the authors
14 scholars, researchers, teachers, media educators and youth workers from Austria (wienXtra-medienzentrum, Vienna), Germany (JFF – Institute for media education and media research, Munich), Italy (MED – Associazione italiana per l’educazione ai media e alla comunicazione and Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano) and Sweden (Karlstads internationella TIME-utbildning, Karlstad) worked together and contributed to the Gamepaddle project with their specific perspectives and knowledge. They developed concepts for using video games in educational settings to empower young people. More info on: www.gamepaddle.eu



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