Andres Gascon-Cuenca

Andres Gascon-Cuenca is a postdoctoral researcher at the Human Rights Institute of the University of Valencia. His principal field of research is Human Rights, where he has concentrated on anti-discrimination law, racial profiling, hate speech regulations, minorities rights, among others. He is a member of the Legal Clinic for Social Justice of the University of Valencia since 2011, and now he is its Co-director. He has participated in several meetings and conferences as guest speaker, trainer of trainers and presenting panels altogether with colleagues from different universities. He has been a guest researcher at the University of Turin where he has collaborated with the Legal Clinic Prison and Rights I (March-May 2018). He is a member of the European Network of Clinical Legal Education (ENCLE) and the elected member representing Western Europe in the Global Alliance of Justice in Education (GAJE).

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