Umberto Lisiero, Andrea Febbraio, Dario Caiazzo, Viral Video



ISBN: 9788867050987, Anno di pubblicazione: 2013 Collana: Tag:


Viral Video, Content is King, Distribution is Queen is the first publication that examines the techniques and the methodologies to be used to become experts in online advertising, but above all reveals what are the 7 golden rules that you must follow to make a video become viral: to make sure it spreads, it propagate through the network attracting an increasing number of contacts, views and shares.From the choice of content, distribution channel, the right engagement time to reachdifferent audiences to the confidential “Techniques Jedi” and the ingredients of the “Mojito Mix” this book offers five valuable tips for optimizing video distribution and to reach that tipping point beyond which one can speak of viral-hit and interaction between brands, messages, and online and offline public Viral Video is a user manual for media agencies, clients and creative or just curious who want to understand what are the secrets to promote a branded content on the Internet or to understand the World of Viral Videos.



Autori: Umberto Lisiero, Andrea Febbraio, Dario Caiazzo
Editore: Ledizioni
Collana: Marketing?
Formato: epub
Pubblicato in: 2013
ISBN: 9788867050987(epub)
Prezzo ePub: 9,99 €


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