Sandro Gardi

Sandro Gardi was born in Venice on June 1st, 1947. In his life he approached poetry and literature, taking part in many poetry and writing competitions. After years of writing, he met some of the most influential and well-known characters in history, including the stars Walter Chiari, Alain Delon and Peter O’Toole, the singers Renato Zero, Eros Ramazzotti and Claudio Villa, as well as the internationally renowned Japanese dancer Yoko Morishita. All these encounters inspired his own poetic vein, like the friendship with the scientist Agostino Capocaccia and, first of all, his friend, the world-famous dancer Rudolf Nureyev, to whom this book is dedicated. In the 80s he met the Russian writer and playwright Aleksandr Isaevič Solženicyn, who told Gardi that a book could be written for each one of his poems. Gardi is also the author of some children’s fairy tale books, written with his own sensitivity as a poet and a writer, which he developed throughout his life.

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