Antropologia, nuova serie – Vol. 7, N.1, 2020

Racial Legacies: Historical and Contemporary Dynamics in West Africa, North Africa and the Middle East



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  • Laura Menin, Introduction. Slavery and the Racialization of Humanity: Coordinates for a Comparative Analysis
  • Bruce S. Hall, Reading Race in Africa and the Middle East
  • Ayşegül Kayagil, Vocabularies of (In)Visibilities: (Re)Making the Afro-Turk Identity
  • Giuseppe Maimone, IRA Mauritanie: Legacy and Innovation in the Anti-slavery Fight in Mauritania
  • Luca Nevola, “Black People, White Hearts”: Origin, Race, and Colour in Contemporary Yemen
  • Marta Scaglioni, “She is not an ʿAbid”: Meanings of Race and Blackness in a Community of Slave Descendants in Southern Tunisia
  • Alice Bellagamba, Marriage is the Arena: “Inside” Stories of Genealogical Purity and Slave Ancestry from Southern Senegal (Kolda region)
  • Laura Menin, “Dans la Peau d’un Noir”: Senegalese Students and Young Professionals in Rabat, Morocco
  • Parisa Vaziri, Arba’īn and Bakhshū’s Lament: African Slavery in the Persian Gulf and the Violence of Cultural Form


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