Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia, vol. 124, N.1 – March 2018

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  • Sun B., Zhang X., Liu Y. & Bernor R.L. – Sivalhippus ptychodus and Sivalhippus platyodus (Perissodactyla, Mammalia) from the late Miocene of China
  • Renesto S. & Saller F. – Evidences for a semi aquatic life style in the triassic diapsid reptile Tanystropheus
  • Montagna M., Strada L., Dioli P. & Tintori A. – The Middle triassic lagerstätte of Monte san giorgio reveals the oldest lace bugs (Hemiptera: tingidae): Archetingis ladinica gen. n. sp. n.
  • Schwarzhans W.W., Huddleston R.W. & Takeuchi G.T. – A Late Santonian fish-fauna from the eutaw formation of alabama reconstructed from otoliths
  • Benedetti A., Marino M. & Pichezzi M.R. – Paleocene to lower eocene larger foramini-feral assemblages from Central italy: new remarks on biostratigraphy
  • Basso D. & Granier B. – Johnson & Kaska 1965 fossil coralline algae from guatemala (revision of the Jesse Harlan Johnson Collection, Part 4)
  • Garzarella A. & Raffi I. – Taxonomy and evolutionary relationships within the calca-reous nannofossil genus Ericsonia in the upper Paleocene
  • Goldin P. & Radović P. – A Middle Miocene baleen whale from Bele vode in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Xu H.P., Cao C.Q., Yuan D.X., Zhang Y.C. & Shen S.Z. – Lopingian (late Permian) bra-chiopod faunas from the Qubuerga formation at tulong and Kujianla in the Mt. Everest area of southern Tibet, China
  • Pirkenseer C., Rauber G. & Roussé S. – A revised Palaeogene lithostratigraphic fra-mework for the northern swiss Jura and the southern Upper Rhine graben and its relationship to the north alpine foreland Basin


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