Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia, vol. 125, N.3 – November 2019

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  • Macfarlan D.A.B. – Early Jurassic terebratulide brachiopods from Zealandia
  • Bitner M.A. – Recent brachiopods from the Tonga Islands, SW Pacific: taxonomy and biogeography
  • Wu H.T., Zhang Y. & Sun Y.-l. – A mixed Permian-Triassic boundary brachiopod fauna from Guizhou Province, South China
  • Taddei Ruggiero E., Serio C. & Raia P. – On the validity of Terebratula sinuosa (Brocchi)
  • Jin J., Mikulic D. & Kluessendorf J. – Virgianid brachiopods of the Michigan Basin, and its implications for post-extinction diversification of the Silurian pentameride fauna in Laurentia
  • Lavié f.J., Serra F. & Feltes N.A. – Linguliform microbrachiopods from Las Aguaditas and Las Chacritas formations (Middle-Upper Ordovician) of Argentine Precordillera
  • Harper E.M., Lamare M.D. & Lee D.E. – Patterns of unrepaired shell damage in Recent brachiopods from Fiordland (New Zealand)
  • Stadtmauer D. & Butts S. – Paleoecology and functional morphology of the Permian lyttoniid brachiopod Pirgulia
  • Yuan Z., Sun Y., Shen B., Xing C., Liu W., Yang R., Qin S. & Baliński A. – An in situ preserved Early Carboniferous (Serpukhovian) brachiopod community in Southern Guizhou, China
  • Vörös A., Kocsis Á.T. & Pàlfy J. – Mass extinctions and clade extinctions in the history of brachiopods: brief review and a post-Paleozoic case study
  • Zhang Y.-C., Zhan R.-B., Sproat C.S. & Huang B. – Late Ordovician brachiopod Rongatrypa xichuanensis from Xichuan, Henan Province, Central China
  • Jansen U. – Pragian-Emsian brachiopods from the Rhenish Massif (Germany): new data on evolution and biostratigraphy
  • Leone F. & Benedetto J.l. – Phylogenetic relationships of the Silurian Afro-South American brachiopods Anabaia, Harringtonina and Clarkeia: new insights from their ontogeny
  • Brand U., Bitner M.A., Logan A., Azmy K., Crippa G., Angiolini l., Colin P., Griesshaber E., Harper E.M., Taddei Ruggiero e. & Häussermann V. – Brachiopod-based oxygen-isotope thermometer: update and review
  • Mottequin B. & Cisterna G.A. – Comments on some Syringothyridoidea (Brachiopoda) from the Carboniferous of North Africa
  • Cisterna G.A., Sterren A.F., Shi G.R, Halpern K. & Balseiro D. – Brachiopod assemblages of the Eurydesma Fauna in glacial-deglacial sequences from Argentina and Australia

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