Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia, vol. 129, N. 1 – March 2023



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  • Vallé F., Nowak H., Kustatscher E., Erkens S., Roghi G., Morelli C., Krainer K., Preto N. & Hartkopf-Fröder C. – Reconstructing Kungurian (Cisuralian, Permian) terrestrial environments within a megacaldera in the Southern Alps (N-Italy) using lithofacies analysis, palynology and stable carbon isotopes
  • Stephenson M.H. & McLean D. – Lopingian (Late Permian) palynomorphs from the Cadeby Formation, Cadeby Quarry, Yorkshire, UK
  • Sharm a A., Hendrickx C. & Singh S. – First theropod record from the Marine Bathonian of Jaisalmer Basin, Tethyan Coast of Gondwanan India
  • Kolar-Jurkovšek T., Yan-Long C., Grădinaru E. & Jurkovšek B. – Spathian (Lower Triassic) conodonts from the Tirolites cassianus beds in Paleotethys-issued North Dobrogea Orogen (Romania)
  • Bona F., Baioni M. & Cilli E. – Paleoclimate and paleoenvironment in north-western Italy (Southern Alps) during the Last Glacial Stage: the small-mammal record from the Buco del Frate cave (Prevalle – Brescia)
  • Notaro A., Raffi I. & Reghellin D. – The distribution range of calcareous nannofossil species Reticulofenestra pseudoumbilicus in the Miocene: an example of ecological influence on evolutionary development
    Bratishko A., Schwarzhans W. & Vernyhorova Y. – The endemic marine fish fauna from the Eastern Paratethys re-constructed from otoliths from the Miocene (middle Sarmatian s.l.; Bessarabian) of Jurkine (Kerch Peninsula, Crimea)
  • Haug C., Pérez-de la Fuente R., Baranov V., Haug G.T., Kiesm üller C., Zippel A., Hörnig M.K. & Haug J.T. – The first fossil record of a mantis lacewing pupa, and a review of pupae in Mantispidae and their evolutionary significance
  • Visentin S., Faucher G. & Erba E. – Calcareous nannofossil taxonomy and biostratigraphy of the Toarcian-lower Bajocian Colle di Sogno section (Lombardy Basin, Southern Alps, Italy)

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