Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia, vol. 124, N.2 – July 2018





  • Sardella R., Mazzini I., Gustini F., Mecozzi B., Brilli M., IuRino D.A., Lembo G., Muttillo B., Massussi M., Sigari D., Tucci S. & Voltaggio M. – Grotta Romanelli (Southern Italy, Apulia): legacies and issues in excavating a key site for the Pleistocene of the Mediterranean
  • Gale l., Barattolo F. & Rettori R. – Morphometric approach to determination of Lower Jurassic siphovalvulinid foraminifera
  • Marramà G., Engelbrecht A., Mörs T., Reguero M.A. & Kriwet J. – The southernmost occurrence of Brachycarcharias (Lamniformes, Odontaspididae) from the Eocene of Antarctica provides new information about the paleobiogeography and paleobiology of Paleogene sand tiger sharks
  • Vaez-Javadi F. – Middle Jurassic flora from the Hojedk Formation of Tabas, Central East Iran: biostratigraphy and palaeoclimate implications
  • Dalla Vecchia F.M. – Comments on Triassic pterosaurs with a commentary on the “ontogenetic stages” of Kellner (2015) and the validity of Bergamodactylus wildi
  • Romanin M., Crippa G., Ye F., Brand U., Bitner M.A., Gaspard D., Häussermann V. & Laudien J. – A sampling strategy for recent and fossil brachiopods: selecting the optimal shell segment for geochemical analyses
  • Bernor R.l, Wang S., Liu Y., Chen Y. & Sun B. – Shanxihippus dermatorhinus comb. nov. with comparisons to Old World hipparions with specialized nasal apparati
  • Coletti G., Bracchi V.A., Marchese F., Basso D., Savini A., Vertino A. & Corselli C. – Quaternary build-ups and rhodalgal carbonates along the adriatic and ionian coasts of the italian peninsula: a review
  • Yazdi-Moghadam M., Sadeghi A., Adabi M.H. & Tahmasbi A. – Stratigraphy of the lower Oligocene nummulitic limestones, north of Sonqor (Nw Iran)

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