Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia, vol. 127, N. 3 – November 2021



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  • Schwarzhans W., Agiadi K. & Thivaiou D. – Teleost otoliths from the aquitanian (early Miocene) of the felli section in greece: the roots of the Mediterranean goby stock (gobiidae, gobiiformes)
  • Crespo V.D., Gamonal A., Montoya P. & Ruiz-sánchez F.J. – eomyids from the Ribesalbes-alcora Basin (early Miocene, iberian Peninsula) and their biostratigraphic and palaeoecological implications
  • Bosellini F.R., Vescogni A., Budd A.F. & Papazzoni C.A. – High coral diversity is coupled with reef-building capacity during the late oligocene warming event (Castro limestone, salento Peninsula, s italy)
  • Visentin S. & Erba E. – High-resolution calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy across the toarcian oceanic anoxic event in northern italy: clues from the sogno and gajum Cores (lombardy Basin, southern alps)
  • Cortés J.E. – Using high-resolution ammonite biochronostratigraphy to date volcanogenic deposits preserved in Middle Jurassic carbonate platforms successions of the westernmost tethys (southeastern iberian Range, Spain)
  • Přikryl T. – Krumvirichthys brzobohatyi gen. et sp. nov. – the oldest record of the deep-sea smelts (Bathylagidae, argentiniformes)
  • Brignon A. – Historical and nomenclatural remarks on some megatoothed shark teeth (elasmobranchii, otodontidae) from the Cenozoic of new Jersey (U.S.A.)
  • Šujan M., Braucher R., Mandic O., Fordinál K., Brixová B., Kyska Pipìk R., Šimo V., Jamrich M., Rybár S., Klučiar T., Aster Team, Ruman A., Zvara I. & Kováč M. – lake Pannon transgression on the westernmost tip of the Carpathians constrained by biostratigraphy and authigenic 10Be/9Be dating (Central europe)
  • Stephenson M.H. & Korngreen D. – Palynology of the Permian of the Makhtesh Qatan-2, Ramon-1 and Boqer-1 Boreholes, arqov formation, negev, israel
  • Gale l., Grădinaru E., Kolar-Jurkovšek T., Forel M.-B. & Korat l. – Rhaetian foraminifers from the western Black sea shelf: new evidence for heterozoan carbonate factories in the Palaeotethys
  • Renesto S., Magnani F. & Stockar R. – A new coelacanth specimen with elongate ribs from the Middle triassic (ladinian) Kalkschieferzone of Monte san giorgio (Canton ticino, Switzerland)

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