Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia, vol. 126, N. 2 – July 2020






  • Renesto S., Kustatscher e. & Gianolla P. – A putative juvenile specimen of Eusaurosphargis dalsassoi from the Anisian (Middle Triassic) of Piz da Peres (Dolomites, Northern Italy)
  • Amalfitano J., Giusberti l., Fornaciari E. & Carnevale G. – Upper Cenomanian fishes from the Bonarelli Level (OAE2) of northeastern Italy
  • Wasim S. Md., Reolid M., Talib A. & Alvi S.H. – Callovian to Oxfordian benthic foraminifera from Ler Dome, Kutch Basin (Gujarat, India): Systematic, ecostratigraphy and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction
  • Hochuli P.A., Schneebeli-Hermann E., Brack P., Ramseyer K. & Rebetez D. – Palynology and chemostratigraphy of Middle Triassic successions in Northern Switzerland (Weiach, Benken, Leuggern) and Southern Germany (Weizen, Freudenstadt)
  • Schwarzhans W. & Stringer G.L. – Fish otoliths from the late Maastrichtian Kemp Clay (Texas, USA) and the early Danian Clayton Formation (Arkansas, USA) and an assessment of extinction and survival of teleost lineages across the K-Pg boundary based on otoliths
  • Poyato-Ariza F.J. – Studies on pycnodont fishes (II): revision of the subfamily Pycnodontinae, with special reference to Italian forms
  • Kogan I., Tintori A. & Licht M. – Locomotor function of scales and axial skeleton in Middle–Late Triassic species of Saurichthys (Actinopterygii)
  • Bucur I.I., Rigaud S., Del Piero N., Fucelli A., Heerwagen E., Peybernes c., Peyrotty G., Verard C., Chablais J. & Martini R. – Upper Triassic calcareous algae from the Panthalassa Ocean
  • Gennari R., Lozar F., Natalicchio M., Zanella E., Carnevale G. & Dela Pierre F. – Chronology of the Messinian Events in the northernmost part of the Mediterranean: the Govone section (Piedmont Basin, Nw Italy)
  • Bernor R-l., Boaz N.T., Cirilli O., El-shawaihdi M.H. & Rook l. – Sahabi Eurygnathohippus feibeli: its systematic, stratigraphic, chronologic and biogeographic contexts

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